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Hacking APIs [Corey Ball] (pdf)

Hacking APIs
Corey Ball
Hacking APIs (pdf)
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Добавлена: 13.05.2022
Версия: 1.007
ISBN: 978-1-7185-0245-1,978-1-7185-0244-4
Издательство: No Starch Press
Город: San Francisco

Corey Ball’s Hacking APIs delivers exactly what it promises. From basic definitions, through the theory behind common API weaknesses and hacking best practices, the reader is encouraged to take a truly adversarial mindset. This highly effective, hands-on journey starts with tool introduction and reconnaissance, then covers everything from API fuzzing to complex access-control exploitation. With detailed labs, tips and tricks, and real-life examples, Hacking APIs is a complete workshop rolled into one book.

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